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Shared experiences from DBT group members

Amy - 48, joined DBT group for anxiety and marital conflict


DBT helped me bridge the gap between the person I used to be and the person I've always wanted to become. Moving from a life of fear and ineptitude to one of greater personal skills, vastly improved relationships with my husband and children and greater faith in God has brought me a level of happiness and satisfaction that will sound exaggerated until you give it a chance yourself. This process was guided expertly by Jennifer Wu, both through individual therapy based on DBT as well as a skills group geared towards real life application and practice of principles and concepts in a safe, caring and confidential setting. Group sessions provided the support and encouragement for continuing progress and personal growth. I was able to throw myself wholeheartedly into the process because I could trust that Jennifer understood my goals and vision for my life, customizing DBT to assist me in moving from being stuck to achieving mastery. I was so pleased with the results (as was my family, it saved my marriage) that I decided to strategically participate in the course twice, to solidify this new path. Best investment I ever made.


John - age 67, joined DBT for alcohol addiction


I found the DBT therapy/group to be VERY beneficial in my recovery from alcohol and depression. My toolbag to deal with my issues was rusty to non-existent coming into DBT. Jennifer is a great teacher/facilitator. I obtained a new perspective and a new set of tools to deal with “bumps in the road”. I first thought I wouldn’t like the group format, but I really enjoyed hearing what others were dealing with and how they were applying the new DBT skills. I had struggled for several years after the loss of my wife and my DBT experiences were very very beneficial to me in getting my life back in order. I grew to realize that Jennifer could put things into perspective for me and her sessions were concise and to the point....expressed in terms that I could relate to.  I would highly recommend the group format and Jennifer’s facilitation/insight to anyone with issues.  I use many of the skills every day. The skills that were most helpful to me were Observe, One-Mindful, Check the Facts, Willingness, Wise Mind and the last one, RADICAL ACCEPTANCE was what pulled all of this together for me.


Linda - 31, joined DBT group for depression


Jennifer Wu is a highly trained therapist who practices Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). The essence of DBT is about finding a "middle path" and helping patients learn how to better regulate their emotions by using skills and techniques created by Marsha Linehan. Jennifer offers group therapy, individual therapy and coaching. Having been to many therapy groups before (including other DBT groups), I have to say that I am very impressed with Jennifer's skills. She's also a very likable and amiable person. I highly recommend her as a therapist.


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